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Luxury hideaway in the wachau valley

The Wachau offers many attractions but something was missing – a Country House of the upper class.  With the opening of the “Villa Schönthal” this gap has now been closed: A charming Villa with exclusive service for the highest 5 Star expectations.  The villa was totally renovated in 2016.  Furnished in classical style and adapted to the unique architecture the interior has a modern and fresh approach.

History of the house

The Viennese architect Otto Schönthal (1878-1961), student of Otto Wagner and later even his employee, fell in love with the enchanting town of Dürnstein, with the result that, next to his famous Viennese monuments ( e.g. Villa Vojcsik, Trabrennbahn Kriau, Friedensbrücke, Mozart fountain), he built a Villa in 1923. From this point on he and his family spent their summers in Dürnstein. At an advanced age, the management of the house with its 3-level terrace-garden was too difficult, so that he and his wife stayed at Hotel Richard Löwenherz and his son Otto Schönthal always stayed at the Schlosshotel – Dürnstein forever. In 1978 Sandra Schönthal, grandchild of the builder, inherited the Villa and sold it heavy-heartedly, due to the enormous renovation costs.


Today Sandra Schönthal (*31.12.1960) follows the family tradition: the former journalist became novelist and spent a few weeks writing in Dürnstein every summer. “I love this place, its beauty, its people, but first and foremost my memories of a beautiful childhood. And I am over grateful to family Thiery for breathing new life into our family`s jewel.”

Further Information on Otto Schönthal: